Contemporary Designs for the Modern Home

When it comes to decorating with artificial flowers we can create different looks to suite a large range of homes, from contemporary homes to the more classic home. Some artificial flower arrangements work better with different looks, in this blog I will look at what sort of fake flowers look particularly good in a modern contemporary home.

Artificial Australian Natives Flowers and Arrangements

Artificial Eucalyptus leaves are a very popular choice when it comes to decorating the modern home. The blues, greys and greens are very neutral and work well in a very minimalistic modern setting. When arranging with eucalyptus, there are different varieties available as listed below:

Artificial Magnolias are another fake flower suitable for contemporary homes. The artificial magnolias tend to to look best when displayed on mass. There are two different kinds of artificial magnolias available and they are as below:


You are best off just keeping to one variety and not mixing and matching both. This will help keep your arrangement looking realistic as possible. The magnolia tree branch doesn’t have any leaves when it flowers and the magnolia with foliage does, so by keeping them separate you are displaying them as they would be in nature.

Artificial Magnolia Arrangement

The last artificial flower I would recommend using when decorating in contemporary homes is the Lily.

Artificial Lillies

Again it is white and won’t overpower a modern white home. Lillie’s look fantastic displayed by themselves without any other flowers. They look best when displayed in odd numbers, so I would recommend 5, 7, 9 or 11 depending on your budget. Obviously you can use more if you wish to do so. They look fantastic displayed in a glass vase. A massive benefit of the artificial lily is that it will not stain clothing or make a mess. Lillie’s have very colourful pollen that is known to drop off easily and stain quite badly.

The artificial lily we have available on our online store is the Rubrum Lily. It closely resembles the Oriental lily.

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