Choosing the Right Vase for your artificial flower arrangement

When it comes to decorating with artificial flowers it is easy enough to find an arrangement that you love, however finding the perfect vase to match can be quite problematic. I know from experience that many people aren’t very confident when it comes to arranging artificial flowers, so cutting the string holding their arrangement together in the perfect design can be very difficult. Many people want to simply place their artificial flower arrangement in a vase without making any changes to it!

There are many styles of vases, each suitable for different artificial flower arrangements. Vases and containers range from rustic tin buckets to slim column glass vases to a more solid rustic water jug. You can use just about anything as a vase so hopefully you are able to dig up some old glassware or a pot from you home!

Some artificial stems simply do not work with certain vases, this makes choosing the vase very important.

Vase Styles:


Tin is a fantastic option when trying to create a rustic country feel. We recommend using the following combinations when using the tin jug however there are many more options that will look absolutely fantastic! Blue and green hydrangeas, rustic red dried hydrangeas, Australian Natives such as the Eucalyptus leaves and gumnuts, the soft textural dusty miller leaves and finally blue or white pepper berries. For tins with a narrow neck you can get away with a slightly cheaper and smaller arrangement, however tins with a larger neck require much more volume but can be absolutely spectacular!


Rustic Jugs:

Rustic jugs come in a variety of colours, shapes and styles and suite a large variety of flowers. If you are decorating with larger rustic jugs you can use hydrangeas, English cabbage roses, cymbidium orchids or even green foliage. This style of vase is usually used to create a larger more impressive artificial flower arrangement.



Glassware is a go to for most people as it is very versatile and generally people seem to have some form of vase already in their cupboard! There are many different styles and shapes of glass vases each suitable for different flowers. Typically, long narrow vases look fantastic with Rubrum Lilies and green foliage such as the banana leaf. Shorter vases may look good with some calla lilies or hydrangeas. These are only a few suggestions when using glass, check out our Instagram for more inspiration!



There are many different pots available whether it be a rustic rattan pot or a blue ceramic pot. They come in different colours, shapes and sizes meaning it is important to colour coordinate your flowers with your pot. For instance if you were to use a wide and short blue pot, soft blue hydrangeas and eucalyptus tetragona would look fantastic on mass. However if you were to use a taller green pot something like magnolias blooms and magnolia foliage would be much more effective.


Other Tips

When decorating with artificial flowers you can always trim the stems to make them fit certain pots! Another good tip is to integrate oasis or artificial water into your arrangements to keep them set in place!

If you would like to learn more head to our blog page for more tips on artificial flower arrangements! Or if we havn't answered your question simply head to our florist corner and fill out a contact form and we will do our best to help!

- Alex


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