Decorating with Artificial Flowers: Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are an incredible popular and in trend flower at the moment. They really make a statement and are perfect in any scenario.

The artificial flower hydrangeas are so realistic they mimic exactly how their real counterpart would be displayed in a house.

Hydrangeas are typically displayed on mass in a vase, picked straight out of the garden. They come in a wide variety of colours and sizes and are incredibly intricate in design.


Artificial hydrangeas come in short stem and long stem varieties both used in different scenarios. Some have leaves, some don’t’, some have a dried effect and others have a more realistic silk feel.

They range in colours from reds and rusts to more commonly known creams, mauves and violets. This vast range of colours makes them a highly useful fake flower regardless of the time of year. They can be used on mass together in blues and reds to make a statement or integrated into arrangements with artificial roses and foliage.

The rusts and reds look particularly good mixed with autumn leaves and artichokes during the autumn months. Whereas the whites and blues are particularly good in the summer. Because of their large head they can fill an arrangement very easily without to many, making them a fairly low cost option.

The shorter stem hydrangeas are good in bouquets and smaller arrangements. All of the artificial hydrangeas have waterproof stems meaning you can place them in a vase with water and other foliage making them look even more realistic. The shorter stem hydrangeas can also be used in artificial flower bouquets to add fullness and colour.

The hydrangeas are at their best when they are on mass in a vase. They are a real hit of colour and make a statement in any room. They are one of the most realistic fake flowers available on the market purely because you arrange them just how you would with real.

The stems vary from $5.50 for a short stem to $24.50 for a longer version. As fake flowers are becoming more and more popular in these days due to their quality, why not try styling with hydrangeas for yourself?

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