Tips for Decorating with Artificial Flowers: Australian Natives

Australian Natives are becoming an incredibly popular and ‘hot’ choice for home decoration.

They are very textural and understated. The beautiful and soft combinations of soft blues and greens with reds, yellows and pinks can completely change the feel of a room. Unfortunately they are not available all year round, making the artificial version highly desirable.

They are becoming very popular in artificial flower arrangements, artificial flower bouquets, artificial flower bridal bouquets and flower decoration for weddings.

When decorating with Australian Natives there are so many different varieties of plants and flowers to choose from. It can make it quite difficult to put together an arrangement and also to incorporate other varieties of plants in with Natives. So therefore below we have put together some categories and varieties to help guide you below.

Artificial Foliage: Australian native foliage


Eucalyptus Round Leaf

A long grey/green artificial foliage useful in native arrangements or to add structure to larger arrangements. Its versatility allows it to be used with roses and mixed garden flowers as well. It is a subtle colour and looks very pretty interspersed throughout an arrangement. Extremely realistic and adds texture, a staple for native artificial flower arrangements.

Eucalyptus Leaf with Seeds

A delicate pretty grey foliage with subtle pinkish seeds. Perfect to use in any artificial flower arrangement. We suggest you do not use this displayed by itself as it’s most effective when combined with other natives or garden flowers. Looks great with light pink and white English cabbage roses. A very popular leaf in artificial flower bouquets.




Silver Dollar Eucalyptus:

The Silver Dollar Eucalyptus is a dainty foliage that is best used in conjunction with other flowers and leaves. It has a pretty silvery grey colour and looks fantastic with light pinks and reds, as well as other Australian natives. It has becoming a very popular leaf in artificial flower bouquets and arrangements because of its silvery grey colour.




Eucalyptus Gum Nut (Brown and Green)

The eucalyptus gum nut comes in two colours, a brown and green. It is highly realistic and looks very natural. Looks fantastic with other Australian natives. This is a really popular stem because of its highly realistic appearance. A very popular artificial stem very effective in larger artificial flower arrangements.




Eucalyptus Tetragona

This mini grey and white sprig adds texture to any artificial flower arrangement. They look great scattered through with light pinks and whites. A very popular option for artificial flower bouquets because of its petite size.

Fake Flowers:

Eucalyptus Flowering Dollar Red/Pink:

The Flower dollar eucalyptus comes in a red and subtle pink. They are a very traditional Australian native adding colour throughout artificial arrangements.

Protea Leucospermum

This red native adds a splash of colour to artificial flower arrangements. It looks fantastic mixed with the any of the eucalyptus foliage.

Protea Leucadendron:

The protea leucadendron has a large head with foliage and adds texture when interspersed throughout. It is a classic Australian native and a definite go to when arranging.


Other Non-Australian Native Recommendations:

Artichoke on Stem:

The artichoke on stem may seem like an odd addition when mixed with Australian natives. As seen in the picture below it adds so much to the natives and compliments them so nicely. A must have in larger artificial flower arrangements.


Pink and Cream Pepper Berries:

The pepper berries add a very pretty and interesting touch when mixed with Australian natives. The subtle pinks and creams work so well with the grey/blue gum. They are a very dainty spray, a very popular option in artificial flower arrangements.

Light pink and White English Cabbage Roses:

The English cabbage rose is a very classic and timeless flower, one you would not think to use when mixing with Australian Natives. When mixed with the Australian eucalyptus, tetragona and pepper berries it looks absolutely spectacular.




Dusty Miller Varieties and Lambs Ear:

Again the soft greys and greens of the dusty miller and lambs ear add a soft and textural component to arrangements. They work very well with yellows, reds, pinks and creams. A staple in any artificial flower arrangement.


There are such a variety of looks you can achieve with different combinations of Australian natives. They add a lovely natural and raw look to your home and are very up to date with todays trends, with the benefit of requiring minimal effort when arranging.

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- Alex 

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