How to decorate an apartment or small room using artificial flowers

Apartment living in the city is becoming increasingly popular in our society. A major setback with apartment living is primarily due to the lack of space.

It can make it very difficult to create a homely and inviting environment to live in. More and more people are seeking alternatives when it comes to decorating there apartments.

So why are Fake flowers such an excellent choice?:

  • Artificial Flowers save time: As we all know real plants and flowers can take up a lot of time, and can make a lot of mess. Artificial flowers require next to no attention meaning you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Artificial Flower Arrangement


  • Artificial Flowers are just as realistic as real flowers: Fake flowers are becoming a popular choice amongst home decorators because of their super high quality. They no longer refer to them as ‘cheap artificial flowers’ or ‘unrealistic’. This is due to the advances in there production. Some varieties are made of silk and others of real touch material giving them an ultra-realistic feel and look.
  • Artificial Flowers aren’t messy: real flowers eventually die and can become messy. Lillies for example can stain clothing, carpet and couches with pollen. This can be a real inconvenience and besides who likes to see dying flowers?
  • Artificial flowers come in all sizes: Whether you want an artificial tree for the corner of your room, or a little arrangement for your windowsill, artificial flowers can be used in every space.

Artificial flowers aren’t seasonal!

When decorating in small apartments if you are trying to create a certain feel or look using artificial flowers can make it a lot easier to achieve this. Real flowers are obviously seasonal which can eliminate a lot of styles and looks.

Artificial Flower Arrangement


A lot of trends and styles are created overseas in places like the UK, USA and Europe, however due to the seasonal difference it makes it hard to mimic a certain feel in your Australian apartment. This is a big advantage of using artificial flowers because regardless of season you can produce the look that you want.

If you have a small space or an apartment you don't know what to do with, upload a photo here and I will get back to you with some ideas!
- Alex 

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